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Thank Our Democracy Defenders

As we push our Democratic Members of Congress to safeguard our democracy and support reforms to the Supreme Court, it’s also important to acknowledge the Members of Congress who have been already cosponsored both the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal. and Transparency Act (SCERT) and the Judiciary Act of 2023.

The Judiciary Act of 2023

Every single issue we care about is at risk with this conservative MAGA majority in power at the Court. That’s why we must act now to unrig our courts before it’s too late.

Reproductive Freedom Talking Points & Messaging

Our overall messaging framework is to call out the villains – the justices who overturned Roe and MAGA extremists passing abortion bans – while offering a vision for the future where Democrats fight back and pass federal legislation that protects and expands reproductive freedom.

Planning District Office Visits for Reproductive Freedom

District office visits are a great way to push your Member of Congress to cosponsor our three Reproductive Freedom Agenda bills. You can customize them to fit the tone and message you’re going for, they’re effective with both large and small groups of people, and they can be as simple or involved as you want.