Give No Ground


In 2018, phonebanking increased voter turnout likelihood by about 0.4%. That might not sound big at first glance, but in the context of marginal gains that win elections, it’s huge – and it translates into real votes. Remember, Trump won Wisconsin by 0.8% of the vote in 2016. We need every vote we can get this year. We need every call we can make.

We have a variety of ways to phonebank this election cycle, learn more below about why and how phone banking can have an impact.

Phonebanking Best Practices

Phonebanking with Hubdailer

Phonebanking with OpenVPB

I will donate $500 DonateNow What can my donation fund?
$500 will be able to fund the following:
  • 6,250 Calls to voters
  • 20 Clipboards for canvassing
  • 526 Mailers
  • 20,800 Texts to voters
  • ½ month of an organizer coordinating on the ground
  • 1 week of targeted in-district digital advertising