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Text Banking Party Checklist Draft for Friendly

Things to do before your event

  1. Know the purpose of the event
    • Read up on your candidate! If time allows, make a one-page with position statements etc.
    • Make sure to work with Indivisible National staff to come up with a texting goal (Individual vs. Group goals )
  2. Work with National to identify texting leads from 2020 texters or other Group Leaders with strong relationships to your group or your organizer
  3. Choose a date for text parties consulting staff and leads
  4. Send a recruitment email that includes the date(s), registration link to the event plus instructions for getting set-up with a TextOut account before the event
  5. Send a reminder email on the morning of the event
  6. Think of ways to keep people motivated during the event (optional)
    • Find a couple of songs to play and the beginning of the party or during breaks that will inspire and energize people 
    • Have a theme that reflects the values of your candidate, gives good vibes for your district or state
    • Invite guest speakers (not the candidate or their campaign)
    • Have a game ready. This pre-made bingo card (it’s random for 30 participants) can be used or create your own. Confirm prizes with staff.
  7. Set an agenda
  8. Pick an icebreaker to help kick off the event
  9. Confirm party roles with Indivisible Staff:
    • Host – Emcee
    • Chat Moderator – Answers quick questions, note feedback
    • Tech Lead – Share screens, mute/unmute, breakout rooms
    • TextOut Trainer and Chat Moderator (Staff) – Facilitate training
    • Texting Leads – model texting, create positive community, back-up Breakout Room support
    • TextOut Staff & Moderator- Troubleshoot in Breakout Rooms AND answer chat questions from Texters,  Back-up Chat Moderator, suggest at least 1 staff and moderator be on TextOut backend to review texting conversations, approve texting requests, and make sure people are added to program, etc.
  10. Everyone with a party role to arrive 60 minutes before the event

Hour before event

With the help of Texting Lead, train Texting Leads and have them beta test.

During the event

Consider using this slide template during this event. Make a copy it and edit as needed Incorporate graphics

  • Welcome everyone
  • Review Norms and Expectations (see slides) – If needed, add some of your own
  • Review agenda
  • Share purpose of event with attendees
  • Launch with an icebreaker and explain game, and prizes!
  • Introduce the rest of the team helping out with the party
  • Hand it over to the Trainer for TextOut training
  • Hand it over to the Texting Lead to model texting in action
  • During the text banking part of the event, add a motivational bit in the chat box every five minutes or so (Go team!, Thank everyone again, Get a Bingo update, Ask the texters to add positive conversations into the chat box)
  • Wrap up the event, with a debrief either in chat or by coming off of mute
  • Optional: Provide next steps or options for upcoming events

Questions?  Email your organizer or the training team

I will donate $500 DonateNow What can my donation fund?
$500 will be able to fund the following:
  • 6,250 Calls to voters
  • 20 Clipboards for canvassing
  • 526 Mailers
  • 20,800 Texts to voters
  • ½ month of an organizer coordinating on the ground
  • 1 week of targeted in-district digital advertising