Give No Ground

Every Action

EveryAction is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that Indivisible offers to Indivisible groups to help them easily track their communications and nurture relationships with their group members and potential group members. Formal statewide coordinating structures can also use EveryAction to organize their coalition members. EveryAction will allow these coalition structures to plan coordinated actions and events, without requiring groups to share data with one another.

The guides below will help Indivisible groups already signed up for EveryAction use it in coordination with the Give No Ground program. To sign up for EveryAction please contact your organizer to learn more.

General Help

I will donate $500 DonateNow What can my donation fund?
$500 will be able to fund the following:
  • 6,250 Calls to voters
  • 20 Clipboards for canvassing
  • 526 Mailers
  • 20,800 Texts to voters
  • ½ month of an organizer coordinating on the ground
  • 1 week of targeted in-district digital advertising