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Indivisible Responds to Trump’s Primetime Temper Tantrum

Trump’s address tonight only demonstrates his willingness to manufacture a crisis—to blatantly lie and deceive the American public—in order to advance his destructive agenda. Americans want an end to the shutdown and they’re not buying Trump’s lies. Passing a funding bill should be the only order of business in the Senate. It’s time for Mitch McConnell and Republicans to do their job and take up the House-passed spending bills.

Child Throws Temper Tantrum, Nation Suffers

This is Trump’s shutdown. It was entirely avoidable, and now our nation will suffer because Donald Trump demands more money to fund his racist, white nationalist agenda. This fight is more than just about concrete and steel slats. This shutdown is about whether we as a country stand by while Trump tear gases women and children at the border; whether we allow him to cage and separate families; whether we continue to allow the Trump deportation machine to operate with impunity.

The Senate Must Reject Funding for Trump’s Racist Wall

The Senate unanimously passed a funding bill that would keep the government open and it’s Donald Trump and his accomplices in Congress who are now bringing us closer to a government shutdown. It’s up to the Senate now to honor the will of American voters by rejecting Trump’s wall. Democrats have stood up to Trump’s racist, outrageous demands, and the progressive grassroots are with them.

Indivisible Reacts to Senate Vote on Yemen

What the Senate just did is historic. On a bold, bipartisan basis, senators are rebuking the Trump administration’s illegal and immoral participation in the Saudi war in Yemen.

Indivisible Releases New Guides to Resisting the Trump Agenda

After two years of playing defense, Indivisible is going on offense. With Democrats now in control of the House of Representatives, and more in control of state governments, the Indivisible Project today released two new guides to constituent advocacy.