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Indivisible’s Statement on the Inflation Reduction Act

Lowering prescription drug costs. Lowering health insurance premiums. Lowering energy bills. Investing in climate action. Making the ultra-wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share in taxes. These are core Democratic priorities, and we’re finally at a moment where we can pass them in the Senate, pass them in the House, send it to Joe Biden and sign them into law.

Let’s Pass The Electoral Count Reform Act, But Keep Working

The Electoral Count Reform Act would take steps toward stopping rogue governors, state legislatures and members of Congress from ignoring valid election results. Though it’s no substitute for actual voting rights legislation, this bill is an important step toward stopping election subversion.

Time To Get Off the ‘Manchin-Merry-Go-Round’

Once again, the corporate backed Senator Manchin has upended years-long negotiations with leadership and left key Democratic priorities on the cutting room floor without any chance of passage, threatening our climate and economy. We’re over it.