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Supreme Court of the United States Unveils Groundbreaking New App for Justice: Scomo

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States announced the launch of a revolutionary online platform, “Scomo,” designed to bring bribery in the name of justice to the fingertips of everyday Americans. To ensure a fair and equitable process, Justice Thomas will diligently review each contribution and consider its persuasive power in determining his stance on cases.

The Unrig the Courts Coalition’s statement on the MAGA Supreme Court’s appalling decision to block student debt relief

We urge President Biden to continue the current pause on student loan payments implemented during the pandemic, move quickly to identify another legal path to administer student debt relief, and cancel the debt as soon as possible before the Supreme Court has the chance to attack borrowers again. And, most importantly, we urge Congress to acknowledge the Court as the threat it is, conduct rigorous oversight, and move with urgency to support and pass the Judiciary Act, and add four seats to the bench.

Indivisible’s Statement On the Current Debt Ceiling Deal

If Kevin McCarthy wants this bill to pass, it’s on him to prove that he has the promised Republican votes. If progressive votes are needed to pass this bill, then progressives will be ready to quickly land legislative improvements to earn them. That’s how governing works.

IN PHOTOS: MAGA Republicans Default Crisis Week of Action

Photos of Indivisibles across the country at rallies, protests, banner-drops, honk-and-waves, teach-ins, and more to ramp up pressure on key Republicans to stop the MAGA default crisis and demanding that they stop threatening veterans, seniors, children, and working families.

Indivisible Announces Week of Action: “Stop the MAGA Default Crisis”

Indivisible announced a week of action to stop the MAGA default crisis from May 19 to May 26, following Janet Yellen's announcement that the ‘U.S. Could Run Out of Cash by June 1.’ Indivisible is asking concerned constituents to hold rallies and protests at the offices of Republican Members of Congress, descend on town halls, and make their voices heard.