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Indivisible on Biden’s Announced Asylum Ban Rule

We hope the administration will reconsider and change course. People who run for their lives and reach our borders have a right to seek asylum, enshrined in our law for decades. They deserve to be treated with dignity and humanity and have their claims heard.

Indivisible’s Statement on President Biden’s State of the Union

President Biden just delivered one of the strongest speeches of his administration by positioning himself as a champion in the fight against the destructive MAGA agenda. He showed up to fight —and he had fun doing it— and he showed the American public where the two parties stand.

Indivisible On Senate Passage of the Omnibus Bill

With a Republican House looming, people have been counting on Democrats to use every remaining moment of their trifecta to deliver as much of the Democratic agenda as possible, and today we get to celebrate some important and long-fought wins.

Indivisible on House’s Defeat of the Manchin Side Deal

Manchin’s dirty deal would have devastating impacts on the environment and frontline communities, undercut the important pro-climate wins that Democrats secured this year, so was opposed by a huge swath of the Democratic coalition–from Members of Congress to frontline communities, environmental organizations, and many others.

Indivisible on today’s Supreme Court arguments in anti-LGBTQ discrimination case

This is not the first time that the conservatives on the Supreme Court have invited specious legal challenges in their efforts to distort the meaning of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to grant expansive power to the religious right to discriminate against groups they hate. This is not about religion. This is about hatred and discrimination.