Give No Ground

Communicating with Voters Across Lines of Difference

As you’re gearing up to talk to voters by text, phone, or at their doors this election cycle, we invite you to join a training about best practices for communicating across lines of difference – in other words, talking respectfully and effectively with voters whether or not you live in their communities, share their identities, or know what influences their voting choices. This 1.5hr training will be practical and approachable while directly addressing key equity and inclusion skills.

Participation info: This training does not have breakouts or high-volume/high-intensity group discussion, but does include many lower-stakes participation moments in the chat and out loud, as well as 2 short independent reflection times and discussion/Q&A/debrief at the end.


August 9
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
I will donate $500 DonateNow What can my donation fund?
$500 will be able to fund the following:
  • 6,250 Calls to voters
  • 20 Clipboards for canvassing
  • 526 Mailers
  • 20,800 Texts to voters
  • ½ month of an organizer coordinating on the ground
  • 1 week of targeted in-district digital advertising