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The MAGA Default Crisis

Kevin McCarthy and MAGA extremists are holding the economy hostage. We must unite in a week of action from May 19th to May 26th to protect Medicaid, Education, SNAP, and other programs our communities rely on.

Week of Action: May 19 - May 26

The biggest legislative fight this year is quietly playing out in back rooms in the halls of Congress, but hardly anyone nationally is talking about it. That’s all about to change, because now we know that the recklessness from Republicans in Congress could cause a default catastrophe on June 1. Now, Indivisible is pulling back the curtain on the Republican plot to blow up the economy, and we’re preparing to throw down and prevent The MAGA Default Crisis before it’s too late.

We know the best way for Indivisibles to combat MAGA extremism is to tackle it head on, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re going to expose the cruel economic harm they are trying to inflict on our families and communities, and just how much of our financial wellbeing they’re willing to risk for their political agenda. We also need to make sure the Democrats don’t fall into the MAGA agenda trap, but instead stand united against cuts to Medicaid, Education, SNAP and other programs our communities rely on. And it’s going to take the whole Indivisible movement coming together for a Week of Action from May 19th to May 26th to make this happen.

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    MAGA Default Crisis Weekend of Action Toolkit

    Want to know more about the MAGA Default Crisis? Not sure where to start for an event? Check out this resource for everything you need to know about the upcoming weekend of action, our strategy, and potential tactics you can use.

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    Register Your Event

    Get your event on the map ASAP so that other Indivisibles in your area can find it and join in! Indivisible means we do this together, the more the merrier. Make sure other activists in your area know there’s a plan! Make sure to include “MAGA Default Crisis” as the event issue focus.

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    Graphics and Posters

    Our design team has pulled together BEAUTIFUL event promo graphics, flyers, signs, and more! We provide everything you need to share the graphics on social media, print them out at home, or print them at a local printer.

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    Grants and Financial Support

    We have resources available to directly support Indivisible groups and their events for this recess. Need to get a banner printed? Or buy a megaphone for your rally? Or buy pizza for your marathon visit-a-thon? We can help with that!

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    video call

    Kick-off Call

    Watch our Week of Action planning kick-off call! We dive into the urgency of the moment (why now?!), our strategy for fighting back, and how you can get involved. You don't want to miss out on a special message from Representative Greg Casar!

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    Grassroots Messaging Guide

    To build the power we need to prevent The MAGA Default Crisis, our movement must call out these dangerous policies through compelling language that avoids the empty, both-sides rhetoric, and confusing jargon often seen in the media.