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Give No Ground is Indivisible Action’s strategy to protect the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate by targeting the low-propensity voters that we’ll need to win. Our program to win key races has a four-part strategy:

  1. 1 Take control of the narrative.

    Authentic local messengers, amplified and coordinated with a national structure, will create a simple and evident narrative: they’re dangerous extremists, and we’re the normal majority. In practice, this will look like offering message guidance and trainings to local groups, supporting creative local actions that get earned media attention, and making a deeper investment in high-salience issues. We see enormous opportunity given our strong presence in rural and suburban communities where a lot of these so-called ‘culture wars’ issues are playing out.

  2. 2 Turn out low-propensity voters by combining in-district and out-of-district volunteer energy.

    Over the past two cycles, we reached out to 71 million voters with the help of tens of thousands of volunteers who canvassed, phonebanked, textbanked, and wrote postcards to get out the vote. To ensure the same level of energy from our movement in 2022, our turf organizers will directly support Indivisible leaders that are embedded in their local community and now have half a decade of experience under their belt. We’ll double down on battle-tested direct voter contact tactics—like people-to-people text, phonebanking, postcarding, and canvassing—as well as innovative new programs like our adopt-a-district tool, which invites groups to select priority races to support through DVC efforts throughout the cycle.

  3. 3 Deliver direct support to seasoned activists.

    We’ll send out $230,000 in direct support to local Indivisible groups—grants, reimbursements, and more—who this spring already held over 300 electoral events in their communities. They are fired up and ready to go. They just need your help.

  4. 4 Targeted media buys and messaging in coordination with local Indivisible groups.

    Indivisible Action works directly with local activists to craft policy and political talking points that resonate in their own communities. In addition to empowering Indivisible leaders with messaging for their own outreach, Indivisible Action will continue its successful ad buy and direct mail program with highly targeted and tailored advertising buys to boost Democratic candidates and policies to ensure a Democratic majority in Congress.

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  • What is Indivisible Action?

    Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee that supports the partisan work of the Indivisible movement, a nationwide grassroots movement of over 3,000 local groups. Our mission is to channel grassroots energy into electing progressive candidates who will work towards an inclusive democracy that provides for the needs of all people, and to defeat politicians who will stand in its way.

  • What voters are you targeting?

    The 2022 midterms will hinge on turning out low-propensity voters — those who vote infrequently, or even voted for the first time in the turnout waves of 2018 and 2020. Indivisibles are embedded in their local communities and have shown a unique ability to turn out these critical voters; in both 2018 and 2020 our experimental results showed we drove higher turnout in this group that gave Democrats power. These voters are often overlooked by major campaigns and independent expenditure programs because they are more difficult and expensive to reach, but we can’t win the midterms without them. Our 2022 program will empower Indivisibles to contact these voters via canvassing, phonebanking, and text messages, and Indivisible Action will layer in paid media and direct mail to complement their work. With this universe, we’ll be able to have an impact in even the most crowded of races, as these voters are generally not saturated with outreach. This will help to rebuild and turn out the coalition of voters that won Democrats power in 2020.

  • How can I take action now?
  • I don't want to give online. How can I send a check?

    You can support Give No Ground with a check made out to “Indivisible Action” at PO Box 43135, Washington D.C., 20010. Donations are not anonymous and will be reported to the FEC. Please include your full name, occupation, and employer to have your contribution processed!

  • I have a question that wasn’t covered here. Who can I contact?

    You can reach out to Indivisible Action’s team at Look forward to hearing from you!

I will donate $500 DonateNow What can my donation fund?
$500 will be able to fund the following:
  • 6,250 Calls to voters
  • 20 Clipboards for canvassing
  • 526 Mailers
  • 20,800 Texts to voters
  • ½ month of an organizer coordinating on the ground
  • 1 week of targeted in-district digital advertising